5 Tips to Help You Study for O Level Mathematics at the Last Minute

O Level mathematics tuition
O Level mathematics tuition

Math is one topic that many people dread since it is the beast that terrorizes individuals who despise reasoning and have not maintained regular study habits.

Fret not! This article will explore 5 different tips to help you study for your O Levels mathematics paper1

1. Determine your pace for the two papers.

Students frequently struggle with not having enough time to finish their papers. Determine the precise time you have to get each mark for the paper as a time management strategy. For instance, you would have precisely 1.8 minutes to receive 1 mark if the paper was 90 minutes long and consisted of 50 marks.

Naturally, you should try to complete this task more quickly to have time to verify afterwards. Instead, it would be good to allot 1.5 minutes for each mark in the aforementioned case. Now, you have a 15-minute balance.

2. The first half of the question is simpler to score well on.

It is usually simpler to answer the first portion of the question correctly than to attempt to answer the complete question. Do not waste any more time trying to complete the question, even if you are only halfway through it if it is worth 2 marks and you have 3 minutes to complete it. Instead of concentrating all your efforts on that one question, it is simpler for you to go on to the next one and get 1 more mark.

To try this tactic, you may locate some old papers here.

3. Write down the things you’re not good at.

Make a list of the subjects’ topics before you try to revise. Give yourself a test on each subject. Find your weakest subjects.

If you are poor in more than half of the overall subjects, select at least a quarter of those weak themes for revision. Then, focus more effort on your most vital themes.

If there are 12 subjects and you are dealing with only two, you should focus your efforts only on those two. This method depends on the number of subject areas in which you are poor. If necessary, consult your teacher or a private tutor.

4. Ask for assistance and direction.

After identifying your weakest subject areas, you will likely want assistance from an O Level mathematics tuition or a private tutor if you have access to one. Instead, try asking people you know to be knowledgeable on the subject. Then, if all else fails, try looking online for assistance. Several online tools can facilitate your education.

5. Get enough rest and sleep.

This is something that students may overlook. Getting enough sleep the night before might help you maintain composure throughout the paper. The last thing you want on your big day is a mental blackout.

Believe in yourself! Prepare thoroughly and do your best!