Empowering Children through Holistic Education at Balbodhini Pathshala

Baalbodhini Pathshala: Nurturing Cultural Capabilities in Children

In recent times we are reading and hearing a lot of stories about inter caste love marriages, converting one’s religion, we also get to hear about kids and teens and people working under constant pressure to accomplish their target and fail in handling serious situations as our elders used to do. Have you ever thought why, so many cases of depression, suiside, or inter caste marriages have become so common these days or why today’s generation is so lost?

The answers is a ‘Big No, ‘we never think of the reasons nor do we think about the solutions to this. One of the major reason is incomplete  knowledge of one’s religion or we never try to learn about how our culture teaches us to live life and deal with various situations. We in name of modernisation are forgetting our roots, our culture & our traditions, and in this rat race we are more inclined towards westernisation in such a way that we forget the thin line between the two and consider them as one. If you want to make your children culturally capable enough to face this competitive world and excel in their field along with keeping their traditions deep rooted in their lifestyle as well as in their hearts then you should definitely enroll them in Baalbodhini Pathshala.

The Origins and Blessings of Baalbodhini Pathshala

By the divine blessings of prabhu “Shree Baal Krishna Lal” & Ni.Li.Go. Shree Poornima Bahuji Madhavraiji Maharaj Shree (Pu. Ammaji) Baalbodhini Pathshala Vapi was started on the auspicious day of Kasumba Chatth  in the year 2013. Like a Gardner who is always busy looking after it’s plants, nourishing them and caring them to their growth, Pu.Pa.Go.108 Shree Govindraiji and Pu. Shree Ranibahuji are constantly engaged since the last 10 years to pour culture and sanatan tradition in our young vaishnav generation specially the budding flowers our tiny tots, in cultivating knowledge &  history of our sampraday. It has been our prime focus to teach our little vaishnavas the importance of gau seva, achaar vichaar, prabhu seva, jap paath etc. from the tender age of 5.

Connecting Kids with Pushtimarg and Shree Vallabhacharyaji’s Teachings

Our aim is to connect our kids and young generation with our pushtimarg and  teachings of our His holiness Shree Vallabhacharyaji. Giving them an insight into our rich pushti heritage, of seva prakar, bhaagvatji, geetaji keertans, utsavs, sodash grantha teachings etc. & imbibe in them the values of our marg. In pathshala they also learn the 84 shiksha by. Shri. Hariraiji, to implement them in their daily life. To develop the sense of necessity of our sampraday’s chinah (tikki/tilak/kanthi)with the bhav behind them. They also learn how to recite the shodash Granth paath with correct pronunciation, keertans with correct ragas and also acquire practical knowledge about different seva forms like making pavitra, biri, phoolmandli, deep sajawat, rangoli, sanji etc. The students also have the previlage to visit gaushala and baithakji with the vallabhkul parivar. They also exhibit their talent of singing, dancing, acting, elocution etc by participating in Shree Mahaprabhuji’s and Shree Gusaiji’s utsav.

The Glorious Impact of Pathshala on Students Lives

The glory of pathshala can be seen when a student enters the premises with all our sampradays chinah and greets everyone with “Jai shree Krishna” performing tulsi-parikrama & not let anything hamper their opportunity of doing danvat & charan sparsh in the Mahaprabhuji’s baithak as well as vallabhkul acharya parivar, in the correct way and also knowing each and every meaning and bhav behind their learned moves. These teachings have always successfully helped in their overall development of the child not only as a vaishnav but also as a good human being in the society. A vaishnav who is ready to face all the ups and downs of the so called competitive world without any kinds of depressions, anxities, unrealistic goals in their mind, which others strive to achieve. A pushti jeev will always know that Shree Krishna is the only truth, and engaging in Krishna seva is the ultimate goal of life, which will truly bring in their lives sukh-shanti!