Why Study Banking and Finance Management?


Banking & Finance industries are the core elements of an economy of a nation as they drive the economy through money, investment, assets, and credit. They run in an organized manner as it systematically manages the cash flow and investment. Thus, they are significantly vital for the growth and development of an economy. To get precise yet depth knowledge in this field, one can apply for the Executive Program in Banking & Finance Management.

Executive Program in Banking & Finance Management is a six-month program that imparts knowledge of modern concepts and tools used in banking and finance operations.

Studying Banking and Finance Management will be beneficial, and their reasons are explained well below:

  • Concepts of Banking & Finance

The program touches every element related to or impacts banking and finance management. It is designed for working professionals to make them experts in this domain. The syllabus of the Executive Program in Banking & Finance Management includes subjects –

  1. International Business Management
  2. IT for Managers
  3. Strategic Management
  4. Research Methodology
  5. Principles and Practices of Banking
  • Personal and Professional Development

A thorough study of Banking & Finance functions will assist students in comprehending the operation style and principles of Banks and Financial Institutions. They will become strategic and analytical in handling monetary affairs. They can learn new methods of saving money and preparing budgets by controlling unwanted expenses. After learning the difference between price and value, they understand how and where to invest their money for revenue generation. Hence, they can implement this expertise in their personal and professional lives and grow exponentially.

  • High Demand

Being a vital element of the economy, the Banking & Finance industry is bound to expand, creating career opportunities and developing professional experiences. Individuals holding a diploma in banking and finance are given more importance in the recruitment process because of the expertise gained through the course.

  • Career Options

The program gives the learners several career prospects to explore in the Banking & Finance sector.

  1. Investment Bankers work with corporates and government departments where they scan for promising investment opportunities and check market fluctuations.
  2. Banking Consultants work with banks where they welcome the clients, address their questions, and inform them about the new bank policies impacting them, and also find potential clients who want the bank’s services.
  3. Business Development Managers offer innovative suggestions to businesses for expanding their operations and improving performances and work culture.
  4. Underwriters are hired by banks and investment firms to assess the risks of providing loans and investments to their clients.
  5. Chief Finance Officers are responsible for taking financial decisions, preparing budgets for the company, and checking if all the departments are rightly enforcing company policies.

Online Executive Program in Banking & Finance Management from Mizoram University

Executive Program in Banking & Finance Management online course is available at Mizoram University. It equips the learners with the functioning of the banking and financial industry. Learners can have flourishing careers in the Banking and Finance sector after completing the program. 

Duration & Eligibility

Duration: 6 months.


  1. The applicants for this program must have a Graduation Degree in any stream or a Diploma 
  2. They must have Two Years of Work Experience.

To apply for the course, click here.